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1) Complete our Health and Fitness Profile to figure out what your goals are.


2) Get a Grand Tour of our facility to get you acclimated.


3) Introduce you to the Fitness Coach that will run your session.


4) Hop in to try the session. The GOAL of the intro session is to give you a taste of the FIRE program without having you be too sore the next day. We want you feeling good afterwards, therefore we recommend just going through the movements during your first session, work-up a good sweat, and have some fun with it! Afterwards, catch a 2-min stretch with the Fitness Coach.


5) Complimentary Health Snapshot afterwards to see where you stack up with other people your age/gender with Body Fat Percentage according to the American College of Sports Medicine. From there, we develop a plan on how to move forward!

Where we meet


1561 W. Southpark Ave
Oshkosh, WI

Contact Us

Fill out the form to set up your first FREE VIP session. Once submitted, a representive will contact you to confirm. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call.


Success! Message received. Someone will be contacting you shortly!

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